Amachi Chester



Due to COVID-19, the services offered in this program will be delivered virtually.  As mitigation efforts to stop the spread of the virus loosen, the program will shift to a hybrid format that will consist of virtual and in-person services.  This is contingent upon CDC regulations. Our goal is to ultimately move toward in-person mentoring—whenever it is safest to do so. Right now E-MENTORING SERVICES WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Amachi Chester is a conduit to help a young person be resilient, healthy, positive, and successful.

When young people are supported, they flourish.


At its core, Amachi Chester is an evidence-based mentoring program that strives to connect youth of families impacted by incarceration, gun violence and/or anti-social behavior with positive role models whom will work to enhance their quality of life. 

We are individuals committed to helping children break cycles of oppression, and supplying youth and their families with the tools and support they need to achieve the best version of themselves.


Amachi Chester’s goal is to provide quality mentoring during the pandemic and beyond. It is crucial to the community of Chester to engage in activities that protect our at-risk youth.  As risky behavior continues during these times, we want to stand as a source of inspiration, mediation, and positive impact. It is important that we continue to explore ways to prevent traumatic events for our children, as well as provide healing for our children experiencing trauma.

We need positive adults to mold, make, and shape the young people.

Amachi Chester is committed to having conversations and creating programs that help increase wellness, connectivity, and fun, engaging activities for the youth and families it serves.

We are committed to creating a safe environment and experience for our mentors and mentees. Especially during the pandemic, we strongly adhere to CDC guidelines. However, as the community of Chester adjusts to a new normal, it is still experiencing all forms of trauma.  Causes of trauma include:

    • Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse and neglect
    • Natural and technological disasters
    • Family or community violence
    • Sudden or violent loss of a loved one
    • Substance use disorder (personal or familial)
    • Serious accidents or life-threatening illness
    • Lack of shelter
    • Health & Nutrition Education

Traumatic reactions can be devastating, including ongoing emotional upset, depression, academic challenges, difficulties sleeping, and physical pain to name a few. Older children, in particular, become more susceptible to drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy sexual activity. In order to fulfill our goal, and provide opportunities for healing within our community, Amachi Chester needs the support of individuals who can shift our citizens from surviving to thriving.  


Amachi Chester strives to be a source of inspiration and positive light. Consider becoming a critical and essential part of helping to shape our children’s lives for the better! 

Amachi Chester can support mentees ages 7 -15. To best meet their needs, we provide the following to our mentors:

    • Trainings, workshops, and resources
    • Evidence-based programming
    • Free clearances and background checks

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a MENTOR or MENTEE, please contact Jamar Daniels at (610) 447-7700 ext. 7913, or email