Department of Public Works

Beverly Harris, Administrative Assistant - 610-447-7705
Portia West

Portia West

Councilwoman, Director of Streets & Public Improvements


The Department of Streets & Public Improvements is charged with the responsibility to maintain the streets throughout the City, pick up bulk waste, keep the streets cleared of snow and ice, install handicap parking signs and more.  The department is committed to continuous improvement and the citizens of Chester are asked to assist by following the curb-side trash pick-up schedule, helping the City to recycle, and not littering.

City of Chester Residents

The Department of Streets & Public Improvements would like to inform everyone about the once a week collection for trash.  Your trash should be placed out at the front or rear of your property, no earlier than “4:00 PM the day before or no later than 6:00 AM the morning of trash collection.  Trash containers should also be removed from the front or rear area after being emptied.”

When putting out your trash, containers and bags should be sturdy and secure.  Your sidewalk area should be cleared of all items at all times, as well as the rear alley.

Recycling is every Wednesday, unless there isa  major holiday, therefore:  no recycling will be collected until the following week after that holiday.

Be advised that bulk trash is collected every day in your area and six items or less can be called into our office weekly (610-447-7888).

If you are unsure of the City of Chester Ordinance, that outlines the proper time and placement for putting out trash as well as removing trash container from front / rear after being emptied, please contact us at 610-447-7740.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter.

New Waste Management Contractor

Download PDF for information


It is now mandatory that all residents separate newspaper, aluminum and metal cans, and glass from their regular trash. Put bundled newspaper in the red recycling containers along side of the blue recycling container. Read more on how to recycle household hazardous waste.

Recycling Containers

Containers for all City residents are available to be picked up at City Hall, 1 Fourth Street, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Recycling Collection

Recyclables should be placed at the same location from which your regular trash is collected. Collection begins at 7:00 am, every Wednesday. If a major holiday is observed during any week, recyclables should be held until the following Wednesday.

Yard-waste Drop-off Site

The Delaware County Compost Farm is a convenient drop off site for yard-waste. The site is open the third Wednesday of each month through September from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The site is located in Chester Township.

Delaware County Compost Farm
2300 Concord Road/Incinerator Road
Feltonville, PA19014

Refuse Collection

Please refer to your regularly scheduled once weekly trash collection day as indicated inside the Chester City Bulletin on the homepage of our city website.  Recycled items are collected citywide every Wednesday.  Bulk Trash is collected by request at any time by contacting the Department at 610-447-7742.  Please contact the Department with your questions and concerns.

Bulk Waste Collection

Collection is offered to all residential properties. Residents are required to place items out and then call for a pick-up. Please allow sufficient time for bulk waste pick-up. There is a limit of six (6) household items per pick-up. Building materials are not acceptable for bulk-waste collection.

In order to more efficiently process any bulk trash request, we have updated our schedule to process requests.  This change will allow us to better streamline our efforts to ensure that all services related to the maintenance of our streets and highways are addressed in a timely fashion. Please take note of the new days and times when bulk trash requests will be processed.

Contact Information for Bulk Waste: (610) 447-7742 – Monday – Wednesday (9am-4:30)