Office of the Building Officials

Anyone performing construction, plumbing works, electrical work, mechanical system work, build alterations or additions, must first obtain a license and permit. Even a homeowner performing any work on their property may need a permit before starting the work. Please call the office at 610-447-7751 to confirm whether a permit is required before starting the work to avoid future problems.

All contractors must first obtain a trade license prior to obtaining a permit for any work within the City. To apply for a permit for a project, after obtaining a license, the contractor must submit a completed permit application together with three drawings detailing the work to be performed and the materials to be used. In some cases, a set of engineered drawings signed and sealed by a design professional, is required.
Once a newly constructed building or renovated building is ready for occupancy, a Certificate of Occupancy  must be obtained prior to its use. To obtain the Certificate the owner or contractor must submit a letter to the Building Official stating that all work is complete and the building is ready for the final inspection. A final inspection shall be scheduled with the Building Official and a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued once the work is completed.
A/C & Refrigeration$120 Annually (contractor)
A/C & Refrigeration$120 Annually (journeyman)
Master Electrical Contractor$120 Annually
Chief Plant Electrician$120 Annually
Journeyman Electrician$120 Annually
Heating Contractor$120 Annually
Mechanical Contractor$120 Annually
Mechanical Journeyman$120 Annually
Plumbing Contractor$120 Annually
Plumbing Journeyman$120 Annually

Electrical Underwriter for the City of Chester

Updated: January 5, 2023

The City of Chester will no longer allow Re-introduction to electrical service by third party Electrical Underwriters. Electrical service Re-introduction may only be “Approved” by the City of Chester Commercial Electrical Inspector Mr. Aamir Simpson or a City designated back up Underwriter.