Public Property and Recreation

The Department of Public Property and Recreation is responsible for the management, maintenance and upkeep of much of the City owned properties including buildings like City Hall and the Police and Fire stations, public monuments, the water front, parks, and playgrounds. The department is commonly referred to as Parks and Recreation.

Chester City government recognizes that well designed parks and recreation may contribute to improve health, deter crime, stimulate the economy, and enhance the quality of life. Access to parks and recreation opportunities are strongly linked to reductions in crime and juvenile delinquency. Quality parks are a key driver in attracting and retaining businesses and jobs. Parks and recreation are one of the most important factors in assessing how livable communities are.

Every successful city in America has a park and recreation system that serves as a central gathering place, a point of local pride, a source of health and wellness, and a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life. Chester City deserves the same.

Chester’s founders recognized the importance of parks and open space when they created the city’s footprint. Most parks are within a ten-minute walk for citizens with the majority of the recreation sites represented by small neighborhood parks. Collectively, Chester has a generous 247 acres of parkland that are well distributed throughout the City. The City has six major parks, 23 neighborhood play areas, a public swimming pool, multiple tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, a hard court soccer pitch, a trail system, and boat access to the Delaware River.

Ongoing efforts to modernize our parks and playground spaces is ongoing. In 2022, broken and damaged playground equipment was removed from several parks and repairs are being made to playsets in order to restore them for full use and enjoyment. Three new playsets will be installed by the end of 2022 at Octagon Playground (9th and Pennell), McClug Playground (62 W 8th St – ‘Holy City’), and Sun Village Park.

The Department of Public Property and Recreation also manages reservations for the use of parks, playgrounds, and the Community Room in City Hall for citizen events.



Department of Parks, Public Property & Recreation

Please be advised, any and all events taking place inside a Chester City Public Park, requires a Park Permit.  An application for a Park Permit may be obtained on site at

Chester City Hall
1 East Fourth Street
Chester, PA

between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM beginning February 18, 2013, or by following this link to the forms section.

Any and all events proceeding without a permit inside a Chester City Public Park may result in the event being terminated by the city on the day of the event.

Pool Fees

Season Pass
Children 12 - 17$20.00
Adults 18+$30.00
Family of 5
(2 Adults + 3 Kids)
Day Pass
Children 0-17$5.00
Adults 18+$10.00
All Payment must be made with a Money Order

Daycare / Group Rates Available

Permit Fees

Standard Park Permit Fee:

  • $200.00 for 4 hours
  • $50.00 each additional hour

Wedding / Reception Fee:

  • $150.00 any park (standard fees also apply)
  • $100 for stage
  • $30 for podium, microphone and generator (not available for all events)

$50.00 each additional hour for standard/wedding

Athletic Field Permit Fee:

  • $300.00 for 4 hours for 3 month period

Monday through Friday:

  • $75.00 each additional hour
  • $100.00 additional for Saturday and Sunday in 3 month period for 4 hours

Saturday and Sunday permitted in 4 hour intervals only (no hourly pricing on weekends)

Additional Fees:

  • Stage:  $100.00
  • Podium, Microphone and Generator:  $30.00