Handicap Parking Resources

Applicants for a residential handicapped parking space, on the block where they reside, must complete and submit the attached application. In addition, they must provide:

  1. A copy of a valid Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration;
  2. A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License evidencing that the applicant or the applicant’s family member is the owner of the vehicle registered at the applicant’s address;
  3. Proof that the vehicle has been issued a Handicapped License Plate from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT); or that PENNDOT has issued the applicant a Handicapped Placard and ID Card that verify the address;
  4. And the applicant must have his/her physician complete the physician’s portion of the enclosed application.

All applicants must submit proof of residence at the requested address and sign a release holding the City of Chester harmless from any claims as a result of erecting or removal of the sign.

You will be notified in writing when the application is approved by City Council. At that time, an annual fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be requested by money order only, made payable to the “City of Chester.” Each year the applicant must comply with the request from the City and submit proof that they remain eligible to retain the designated handicap space in the block where they reside.

The City (Department of Streets & Public Improvements) must be notified immediately upon any change in the criteria used to justify the creation and/or removal of the designated handicapped parking space; e.g., this office must be informed if/when there is a change in the make/model/year of the vehicle registered for the handicapped space, or if the person for whom the space is designated, no longer resides there due to relocation, death or any other reason.

A handicapped parking space will not be approved if the applicant’s residence contains any accommodation for off street parking. The City reserves the right to remove the handicapped zone at any time.

City Council has the authority to waive the annual application fee upon proof of hardship: such as any senior citizen who has already qualified for the exemption from the City’s rubbish tax fee.