Chester City Shade Tree Commission

The role of the Chester City Shade Tree Commission is the first and foremost to educate and inform Chester residents about the benefits of trees. The Chester Shade Tree Commission was formed in 2005, by an act of City Council, to oversee the planting, maintenance and protection of shade trees, as well as to study and recommend the type of trees and locations for planting, pruning or removal.

Some of the numerous benefits associated with the urban trees include releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide to freshen the air we breathe and removing ozone and other pollutants. Trees save energy and reduce cooling costs. Other benefits of trees include improving your health when recovering from surgery and even reducing violence. The Commission holds volunteer tree plantings and community meetings to discuss tree issues and provide residents with information on planting and tree maintenance in the near future.

Since 2007, the Chester Shade Tree Commission has planted more than 135 trees in the City of Chester.

Today the Commission continues to work closely with the Chester Parks Department to address tree related issues within the City’s Parks and is eager to work with residents in the surrounding neighborhoods to assist with this project.  The Commission holds monthly meetings at City Hall, 1 Fourth Street, Chester  PA,  19013.