Councilman Fred Green

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Fred Green, a dedicated Chester native and recognized community activist, has made significant strides in advocating for the youth across the Tri-State area. Born in 1992, Fred’s journey into activism began at the tender age of eleven, in response to the tragic shooting of 4-year-old Ja’Miah Butler. This heartbreaking event propelled Fred to seek out meaningful solutions to gun violence and community safety.

Fred’s early commitment to community work led him to serve in various local government roles, including positions within the Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration, and as the Executive Director of the Wilmington Youth Leadership Commission under Mayor Dennis P. Williams. His dynamic approach to youth engagement has earned him leadership roles within other municipal governments as well.

His tenure in public service includes working with former Mayor John Linder and serving as a Community Liaison under Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland’s administration in Chester. 

At age 25, Fred was elected to the Chester-Upland School Board, marking the beginning of his substantial civic and political contributions. He has been an active member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board and Mayor Kirkland’s Civic Advisory Council Board. 

Additionally, he has served on the sub-committee for Chester’s Office of Reentry and as Executive Director of the Chester Youth Leadership Commission, where he has mentored Junior Councilmembers.

In February 2020, Mayor Kirkland appointed Fred to the Chester Stormwater Authority Board of Directors, making him the youngest individual to ever serve in this capacity. Beyond local borders, Fred’s passion for community service led him to a role on the Board of Directors for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, where he has been influential in enhancing educational services.

On January 2, 2024, Fred was sworn in as a City Councilman for Chester, a role that he embraces with the intent to further serve and uplift his community.

Well-regarded for his oratory skills, Fred has worked alongside prominent political and celebrity figures, contributing his voice to various causes and events. His charisma extends beyond the political arena; Fred is a beloved public speaker and host, known for his ability to connect, inspire, and instill hope in people from all walks of life.

As City Councilman, Fred carries with him the same zeal that sparked his advocacy journey – a promise to champion the needs of Chester’s youth, seniors, and every resident, as he works towards creating a brighter, more prosperous community.

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland

Councilman Fred Green | Term began January 2, 2024


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