Office of the Community Liaisons

Lisa Dennis

Lisa Dennis

Director - Office of Community Liaison

The office of Community Liaison serves to ensure effective communication between city government and the Chester City community.  We will partner with and assist residents and community leaders with identifying and resolving several issues both positive and negative in the city.  Some of the current issues are violence, violence prevention, community activities and organizational resources.

Strategic planning thus far consist of community listening sessions facilitated with Real Change.  The listening session is where community leaders and residents come together to discuss common threads that either plague or has not been addressed in the community of Chester.

The goal of the listening session is for a community to come together and discuss the most pressing issue.  Next they would identify the common thread and create a plan of action that would call for teamwork and effective communication with no stone being unturned.

The “Your Community, Your Voice” Street Hits are a success in the community.We have been able to meet and give resources to over 300 plus residents so far on just 3 Street Hits. We have also connected with partners like Chess Penn to offer their resources as well. We still have 5 locations to reach and you are welcome to join us or send us any info that will benefit the community.