Chester City Councilmembers stop by the Interstate 95 on-ramp along Route 291 to thank the Department of Parks and Recreation crews and employees from Optymyze for working together to clean the area during Citywide Pride Week.



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City of Chester, Press Secretary


Optymyze partners with the City of Chester during Citywide Cleanup Week Activities


Company Issues Corporate Challenge to Make Earth Day Every Day in Chester


CHESTER, Pa. – April 21, 2017 – On Thursday, April 20, City of Chester officials and the Department of Parks and Recreation crews worked with Optymyze to clean up the Interstate 95 on-ramp located along Route 291 in the City of Chester.

Thomas Urie, Executive Vice President of Revenue at Optymyze led a team of 40 employees, who received gloves, safety vests, and bags from the City, which was organized by Duane Lee at the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Councilwoman Elizabeth Williams, Councilwoman Portia West and Councilman William Morgan stopped by the cleanup site to greet and thank volunteers.

The clean up initiative comes as Optymyze, a worldwide provider of enterprise cloud applications and services for improving sales and channel performance, announced a corporate challenge to all businesses located in the City of Chester.

“We challenge all businesses located in the City of Chester to work together with City leaders and sponsor a street, park, or neighborhood to improve the image of the City where we work,” said Thomas Urie, Executive Vice President of Revenue at Optymyze.  “The City of Chester has fallen on very hard times over the past few decades and the residents need to see businesses take action and make a contribution to improve the community where we work.”

The challenge is one Councilwoman Elizabeth Williams hopes encourages more partnerships between businesses and city government.  “The more we help each other, the stronger we become as a city,” said Councilwoman Williams.  “If we become stronger as a city, local businesses thrive and become stronger as well.” 

Earlier this year, Urie revisited the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Optymyze. After a few brainstorming sessions, employees were asked what they wanted to do as part of the renewed CSR program. “Overwhelmingly, they asked to participate in the Chester Citywide Cleanup Week,” said Urie. “We arranged for a meeting with Councilwoman Elizabeth Williams to discuss projects where we could make an immediate impact, and she was very willing to have our company on board to help with the city-wide cleanup efforts during Earth week, as well as make a corporate challenge to other businesses in the City of Chester to sponsor cleanup efforts year-round.”

Urie noted that one cleanup day does not keep a city street clean year-round. “We plan to have our employees revisit different areas, as directed by the City, on a quarterly basis to maintain our efforts during Earth week.”

The updated global CSR project was kicked off earlier this month in Iasi, Romania, where employees planted trees as part of an ongoing reforestation project. In Bucharest, employees collected used batteries for proper recycling and turn off all electric devices and lights at night and weekends. At their Pune, India office, 15 employees rode bicycles to work instead of driving a motorized vehicle. 

The Optymyze CSR program is based on the foundation of making Earth Day Every Day, at all Optymyze locations worldwide.

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