PICTURE CAPTION: Dorothy Cobb, a 92-year-old Chester resident gets ready to receive her second dosage of the Pfizer vaccine during a vaccination distribution event at Chester City Hall on Friday.




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Date: Friday, March 12, 2021                                                                               

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More than 500 Chester Residents Receive COVID-19 Vaccines at Chester City Hall

The city of Chester and the Chester Health Board, in partnership with Crozer Health hosted a vaccination distribution event at Chester City Hall, where 507 people received both recommended Pfizer vaccine dosages.


(CHESTER, PA) – The city of Chester and the Chester Health Board, in partnership with Crozer Health is proud to announce that more than 500 Chester residents received their second dosage of the Pfizer vaccine, thanks to a COVID-19 vaccination distribution event hosted at Chester City Hall.


People who were vaccinated received their first dosage on February 18 or 19 at City Hall.  “The first two days when the initial dose was administered, there was snow and ice but we did not miss one person who was registered. They all came out,” said Gwendolyn Smith, RN, Administrative Director of Crozer Health. “This was a great location. Right off of 291 with great accessibility and parking for the seniors and those with disabilities.”


The second event, which culminated on March 11 and 12, came together after several conversations between city officials and Crozer Health administration. “A lot of people who came here were supposed to be vaccinated at the vaccination center in Chester. That site has had several delayed openings so a call was made for us to help,” stated Rosetta Carter, Community Health Educator for Chester City Bureau of Health. “Gwen was able to speak with Mayor Kirkland, who then connected her with our department to work out the logistics and pull this event together.”


Councilman William Jacobs, who heads the Department of Public Safety, which includes the Bureau of Health, highlighted the event’s success. “When this vaccine event first started, it was said that black people wouldn’t respond,” said Jacobs. “This turnout is amazing.

507 total people were vaccinated. We had people comment on the efficiency of this event and I’m proud of my department, the Chester Health Board, and our partnership with Crozer Health that made this all possible.”


More than two dozen volunteers chipped in with support during the four-day event. Nursing students from Widener University, EMTs, and registered nurses assisted Smith in administering the vaccines. “Chester Health Board members and personnel from the Department of Public Safety were a huge help with administrative assistance on site,” said Livia Smith, Director of Public Health Services for Chester. “We had people checking credentials, maintaining the social distancing crowd control, and helping the elderly get to their seats.”


Members of Delta Sigma Theta, Chester-alumni chapter also volunteered by placing more than 400 appointment reminder phone calls to those who were vaccinated back on February 18 and 19.




All persons who were vaccinated during this event were determined to be eligible, according to the state of Pennsylvania’s Phase 1A criteria. The vaccination list was curated by Crozer Health administration, in conjunction with Rosetta Carter, who received hundreds of phone calls from senior citizens from Chester.


Chester City officials and all community partners continue to urge residents to adhere to CDC regulations related to stopping the spread of COVID-19.  Constituents are encouraged to take advantage of accessible testing sites in the community. Residents are reminded that vaccination eligibility requirements are constantly changing.  People should monitor those changes and take advantage of local vaccination opportunities when they are available.