As of right now, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the City of Chester and no new cases in Delaware County. Despite this, it is only a matter of time before there are, therefore we must remain diligent. We must adopt the practice of social distancing and conform our lives to practicing it. It is understandable that it is a difficult transition, and while this may appear to be an overreaction to many, please be assured, it is not. Even though most may have little to no symptoms, the only way we are going to stop this disease and lessen the serious health impact it is going to have in our community and in our families, is to practice social distancing. Every day that we postpone practicing social distancing, we exponentially increase the amount of people who will be affected. Even with the nice weather predicted tomorrow, we all must start practicing social distancing today.

  1. All dine-in restaurants and bars are to remain closed. Restaurants that have take-out services may continue operations.
  2. It is strongly recommended that gatherings of greater than IO people not take place. This is for your and your family’s health and safety.

Please also see the attached image regarding the mixing of various cleaning solutions. While we encourage the regular cleaning of homes, we want you to do it safely.