Chester City Health Board

About Chester City Health Board (CCBH):

The Chester City Health Board (CCHB) serves Chester residents to promote and protect public health, as it addresses the physical, mental and environmental health concerns. 

The Chester City Health Board (CCHB) was re-activated two-years ago to (1) promote and protect public health, (2) address physical, mental and environmental health concerns, (3) collaborate with community and government leaders to solve identified health related concerns and priorities, (4) inform, educate, and empower residents about health issues, (5) monitor public health status of the population and (6) advise and advocate for policy change and development for health concerns in its jurisdiction. 

CCHB Members


Deborah Jackson, R.N., Chairperson

Dr. Christopher Hannum, Co-Chairperson

Carl Pierce, MD
Ronald Renzi, Podiatrist
Kristen Motley, PDP Pharmacist
Meg Grant, Director of Public Affairs, Keystone First
Brenda Dawson, Executive Director, Pathways
Dorthery Reid, Clinical Behavior Health Specialist, Crozer Health Systems
Shelia Church, Director of Outreach Services, ChesPenn Health Services
John Bush, Business Executive
Livia Smith MS, Municipal Health Director, Chester City
John Johnson, Environmental Specialist, Stormwater Authority
Pastor Ronald Williams, DMin, Vice-President, Ministerial Fellowship of Chester and Vicinity
Katie Kenyon, Delaware County Foundation
Rosetta Carter, Director of Community Health Education Services, Chester City