Nafis Nichols, CFO

Chief Financial Officer

Nafis J. Nichols has been with the Crozer Wellness Center for the past eight years working in different capacities altering the lives of both youth and adults within the Chester community and is currently the Senior Program Coordinator overseeing the Chester Youth Collaborative’s Drug Free Communities initiative.  In this position Mr. Nichols coordinates efforts that reduce substance abuse among youth as they transition successfully into adulthood and networks with key sector representatives to assist in improve opportunities for CUSD students.

Mr. Nichols previously was a Community Coordinator for the Chester Weed & Seed program where he acted as a liaison between residents and community organizations to address needs that help improve the overall quality of life for resident in the Weed & Seed community.  Within both organizations, Mr. Nichols has served on sub-committees/workgroups on regional, state, and national levels representing the city of Chester.

He also currently serves on the board of directors for the College Access Center of Delaware County, Brothers of Concern, Chester Youth Collaborative, and participants on various workgroups within Delaware County.  Over the years he has received numerous awards and recognition for his commendable efforts and passion of community service.

He was educated in the Chester-Upland School District, at Delaware State and Neumann Universities, and LaSalle University’s Non-Profit Center and resides in Chester with his family.