PICTURE CAPTION: (TOP Left to Right): Jamar Shaw, city of Chester nuisance inspector, Dr. Horace Strand, Executive Director of the Stormwater Authority of the city of Chester, Councilwoman Portia West and Councilman William Jacobs distribute Save Your Soles care packages to residents on May 5.


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Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021                                                                          

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City Officials Deliver Save Your Soles Goodie Bags to Assisted Living Facilities in Chester


(CHESTER, PA) – The city of Chester in partnership with the Stormwater Authority of the city of Chester (SAC), the Chester Environmental Partnership (CEP), and Covanta today delivered Save Your Soles goodie bags to ten assisted-living facilities in the community. 


Councilman William Jacobs and Councilwoman Portia West, along with Dr. Horace Strand, Executive Director of SAC and founding member of CEP, and personnel from the city’s Public Safety department distributed 250 goodie bags to residents living in the assisted-living facilities.  


Each bag contained items used to Save Your Soles/maintain proper foot care. “We are giving the bags to residents who are diabetic or have other health issues that may increase their chances of needing an amputation,” said Councilman Jacobs, Director of Public Safety, which also includes the Bureau of Health department. “These are all items they would have received if we were able to host our annual Save Your Soles event.”


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health and city officials decided to forgo the luncheon for safety reasons and opted to distribute goodie bags instead. “COVID has impacted a lot of our city events but I am happy for the partnerships that have contributed to us being able to adapt and still serve our residents,” said Councilwoman West. “Our residents will receive compression socks, a 3D multi-functional pedometer, glucose tablets, informational brochures on foot care, a mask, hand sanitizer, and a $25 gift card to Shop Rite.” 


Annually, Chester’s Bureau of Health department hosts the Save Your Soles luncheon, an event focused on raising awareness for amputation risk, especially for people who are diabetic or suffer from other ailments that may contribute to amputations. Typically, attendees would be able to enjoy a nutritious catered meal at City Hall, listen to health educators, and receive health brochures. Residents would have also received a free foot examination from Dr. Ronald Renzi, DPM—a podiatrist with more than 35 years of experience and Director of the Save Your Soles campaign.


According to Dr. Renzi, the amputation rate in Chester is always higher when compared to other surrounding municipalities. Renzi suggests this number is due, in part, to the fiscal and socioeconomic challenges that are associated with managing ailments like diabetes and other health-related factors that increase the chances of amputation. These challenges can include buying medication, having access to appropriate health care, and accessibility to nutritious meals.