Tax Information

Taxes are determined by the City Assessor, who determines the fair market value on a property and then applies a ratio to the value, which determines the assessment. The assessment is then applied to millage for every 1000 of the assessed value to equal the tax amount.

ACT 44 Disclosure 

City Property Tax

City Property Tax Bills for the year 2012 will be mailed out on or before March 1, 2012

Last payment date of discount period: April 30, 2012

Last payment date of face value for City Property Tax Bills: June 30, 2012

Last Payment of City Property Taxes for 2012 (with penalty): February 15, 2013

Payment with penalty begins: July 1, 2012 and ends February 15, 2013

No payments are accepted by the City of Chester after February 15, 2013

Payment arrangements must be made with the Delaware County Tax Claim Bureau following this date.

Chester Upland School Property Tax

School Tax Bills for year 2012 to be mailed out on or before July 15, 2012

Last payment day of discount period for School Tax Bills is September 15, 2012

Last payment date of face value for School Tax Bills is November 15, 2012

Date of payment with penalty begins November 16, 2012 and ends on February 15, 2013

Last day for payment of School Tax for year 2012 (with penalty) is February 15, 2013

Mailing Address/Office Location:

Treasurer's Office
City Hall
1 Fourth Street
Chester, PA 19013 

Office Hours Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00pm.
City Hall is closed on holidays.

Make check or money order payable to the City Treasurer, no cash please. You can address any questions or concerns regarding your City Real Estate Taxes to the Treasurer's office at 610-447-7801.

*Partial payments are accepted. (No set amount) 

Earned Income Tax (EIT)

Resident rate 2.15 % of gross wages.
Non- resident rate 1.15% of gross wages.
All residents are required to file a FINAL if the residents taxes are being withheld by the employer.
Residents who are not having the tax withheld MUST file quarterly estimates and a FINAL return.

Local Services Tax (LST)

LST is a fifty two dollar ($52.00) flat tax for any employee working in the City of Chester. The tax is collected on a prorated basis, determined by the number of payroll periods established by an employer.


Business Privilege Tax (BPT)

The tax is based on the GROSS receipts of a business prior to any deductions.
Tax rate is a millage-based tax.


Tax Rates for Business Types

Tax volume x .00365

Retail Sales
Tax volume x .00365

Tax volume x .00274

License fee per year:$5.00
Minimum Tax due:$20

EIT, LST, and BPT are collected by the City's designated Act 511 tax collector, e Collect Plus, LLC

Business Privilege Tax / Mercantile Tax Form

The website for EIT is The website for BPT & LST is

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