Chester Housing Division

Housing Inspections

All buildings must be inspected prior to any occupancy or change of occupancy. For owner occupied single-family homes, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained before moving into the property. For all rental properties either a certificate of occupancy or an annual multi-family dwelling license must be obtained prior to renting the property to tenants. Prior to renting a single-family home or a property containing two rental units, the owner must obtain a certificate of occupancy. Any rental property containing three of more rental units must obtain an annual multi-family dwelling license.

To obtain either a certificate of occupancy or a multi-family dwelling license, you must call to submit your request to the Housing Inspection office to arrange for an inspection of your property.

Fee Schedule

Certificate of Occupancy$100.00
Second Inspection, if required$50.00
Subsequent Inspections $50.00
Multi-Family Dwelling License$100.00 annually, plus $15.00 inspection fee per unit
Additional Inspections, if required$50.00 per unit for 2nd inspection; $50.00 per unit for each subsequent inspection

Please call 610-447-7760 for the Housing Division.